Midfielder Tomas Hořava his goal kicking players Pilsen to turnover and to win 3: 2 over Austria Vienna. And even though teammates played from 18 minutes outnumbered. Czech champion, however, presented a performance that wiped the absence of one player.

"It was not easy. Red, penalty, the second goal ... It seemed to us utterly and after their second goal we probably did not give anyone a chance," admitted Hořava. "But we took, moreover, Austria was no roll. We got to chance, nor was it known that we are in the decade. After the goal to 1: 2, we could smell the chance and euphoria we tore it," claimed Pilsen midfielder.

Now he was the one who gave the key goal for a 1: 2nd After a corner kick to the back post waiting for a long ball from Michael Krmenčík. "Somehow I felt that at the back post nobody. I also had the task of there close and it worked out that I had floated alone. Balon I have all the time seen and walked right into my step. Then it was easy," he said modestly.

He was also an important figure in alignment, when he recorded Michal Duris. He admitted, however, that it was a coincidence. "I wanted to give it to bend the back, but I slipped and escaped from my leg. Luckily there was Ďurka, and she was happy to assist," he said. "Michael just showed how good a player he is," he added.

Shortly afterward came the third goal and Pilsen ended čtrnáctizápasové waiting to win a European competition. "We wanted to break it next year we started with a clean slate cups. Even though it was difficult, so it's finally done," said one of the drivers of Pilsen.

Viktoria yet had serious problems with the composition of defense and even Hořava was one of the options to post a stopper. Especially when the only healthy stopper Lukas Hejda had been 18 minutes because of a red card from the game. "If today dropped Roman Hubník, so our coach asked who would dare to stopper. I said no. It's something different post. The header clashes'm not so strong and dare I get at it. Cuba Hromada managed it well, it is perhaps a little different type of player and streaked into fights more forcefully than I do, "said teammate.

Match with Austria showed that Plzeň had to process, but lost him in the match with Astra Giurgiu in which uhrála a point. "The group was playable and we move along. With Rome are at home played a good game, but then it broke dvojutkáním with Astra. They were better, but it is wrong. Astra manage it better tactically. If one of those two games won three points, so we progressed, "regretted Hořava.