Perhaps with the exception League Cup Barcelona is experiencing quite deviated season. The domestic competition is the defending champion lost to arch-rivals Madrid in the Champions League again wards of Luis Enrique's hard to come across once in the eighth round, when the soil Paris Saint-Germain overwhelmingly lost 0: 4 and their chances of progressing are slim against retaliation. At least to return to winning ways and rolling blunting criticism should serve Sunday's clash with the Catalans rookie of Leganés ...

Despite the dire situation, however, Luis Enrique will not let media storm cast: "Criticism keeping me calm, because otherwise I would unable to work for three years. Fortunately, between the press and the club, there is a sufficient gap - listen to it and not start even this week. The TV or radio is not anywhere near ten meters. "

Roughly a failed match in Paris but the Barcelona coach continues to weigh. "I still every day in my head, and so it will be every night for at least another month, but we can not let that distract. At least the next match. Whatever happens, the next few months unconnected with got the decision on the next sequel. I myself have not yet decided, "says Enrique.

Sunday's rivals Barcelona unflattering title belongs worst scoring team in the entire La Liga, as far Leganés for 22 laps scored just 15 goals. Yet league rookie still manages unique clutches of relegation from which adheres to the distance between two points. "It will be compared to Tuesday's match quite different, it will be a good example of one of our uneasy mood is able to react," Enrique believes in the positive reaction of their players. Do not hit the match seriously injured Aleix Vidal, as well as the suspended Sergio Busquets. Return conversely reports healed Javier Mascherano.

The coach Leganés Asier Garitano pointed out that his team needs a boost after the recent defeat against relegation threatened Sporting Gijon. "I am sure that such a defeat not expect and it is possible that the mood in the team now is not good, but ours after losing to Sporting too. For Barcelona, ​​it is preferable that the Leganés just does best."