Can anyone stop Chelsea? A draw at Anfield managed to ward Antonio Conte Another key match at Stamford Bridge, according to his habit of beating Arsenal and before the afternoon program is at the forefront of a 12-point lead. Idyllic blue afternoon Nacala Marcos Alonso, after a pause rose Eden Hazard to accomplish the work Fábregas after Čechově Minela. Giroudova shot of the settings were merely cosmetic.

After a long pause in the starting lineup Arsenal returned Hector Bellerina, but the return was indeed unfortunate. Already in the thirteenth minute header losing battle with Costa, who, after a Pedro stamped bar. His cameo at Stamford Bridge in addition soon ended completely when it seems beyond the rules (albeit unintentionally) elbow rammed Marcos Alonso. The addition during tough headers fight opened the scoring.

A double blow for Arsenal, in whose jersey came on the pitch, Gabriel, and it was he who wore a settlement. Shortly before the pause was all alone in the penalty area, but Oxlade-Chamberlain tall balloon could well channeled and Courtois took an excellent intervention.

Chelsea apart gólového strike managed a single shot at the goal. He was produced by Diego Costa, and although it was not completely hilarious morning, Bohemia it had surprising difficulty, and the ball just went to the corner. Insurance victory Blues fans had to wait until the second half.

But it was worth it. Eden Hazard showed one of the pieces on which to Stamford Bridge will never forget. Costa won on the bisecting line letterhead duel and Belgian winger took the ball. Edged between two defenders, Coquelin he did not stop even for a foul, then a Hazard missed again fiddled with his solo Koscielnym and over half a field's goal. Fantasie.

Arsenal but could return to the game, alternating Welbeck got a great header and Thibaut Courtois again showed his importance to Chelsea. His excellent surgery was another nail in the coffin, which then drove his counterpart Petr Cech. Arsenal goalkeeper gave his former club third goal deviated kick and Cesc Fábregas symbolically finished into the empty net.

At least a partial patch brought Arsenal's Olivier Giroud, who settings perfectly trknul in Monreal center and closed the score to the final 3: 1st The gap between the two London teams in any event ballooned to 12 points, which largely eliminates the Gunners fight for the title.