Well, Javi Gracia shamelessly brought from the composition of Alex Song, so Aleksei Miranchuk with its magical level of the game only in Kazan and go. Perhaps the presence of Russian passports for some time will Aleksei Miranchuk opportunity to consistently play, but if it does not show what is, in every match (instead of every 5 games, as in "Loco"), the fast will the researcher the various unevenness pretty comfortable benches on a brand new "Kazan-Arena". And it will go on the field only when the next position will be required legionary.

2. In the "Ruby" is very good Ruben Rochin

1486199406_miranchuk_2.jpg Agentschina. Why Aleksei Miranchuk waiting for a dip in the "Ruby" Photo: The official website of "Locomotive", SE

Hispanic with experience playing in the Premier League and La Liga at the start of the season, as well as all the "Rubin" was in hibernation, but then raskochegarilsya and sometimes gave notable performances. He scored twice as many goals and are twice as likely than Aleksei Miranchuk, assisted partners. If you go, you can just horrified, because Rochin exceeds Aleksei Miranchuk on all the statistical indicators, in addition to precision gears in just running on the "Compare" portal Whoscored section and carry out the procedure in relation to the young Spaniard and Russian stars. (81.3 - Aleksei Miranchuk, 72.4 - Rochin). But this, as you might guess, due to the fact that the Spaniard is much more likely to try to exacerbate (1.7 - Rochin, 1.1 - Aleksei Miranchuk).

The rest, as already stated above, the total failure of the Massey team members, striving to be first and to decide the game. Rochin most effort on goal (1.9 vs. 1.7), willingly goes to the dribble (1.7 vs. 1.1) and, as a consequence, currently earns more fouls. Add to this the fact that less Rochin 59 rooms "Loco" loses the ball (1.9 vs. 2.9) and does not allow himself so often as Aleksei Miranchuk, handle the ball, as school tournament (in other words, from the Spanish sphere much less rebounds, both from a foreign object: 1.3 vs. 2.8). And concluded that Alexei urgently need to go cap in hand to Ilya Herkus and agree to reduce the club offered him a salary in half, just to avoid competition with high-spirited Spaniard in Kazan.

3. Pressure the public, the press and the grain of the contract

Aleksei Miranchuk already managed to create an image of another young Russian player-grabber who rushes to the first decent standards for financial contracts. And this, of course, adjust to it the public is not the most positive way. Even most of the most loyal fans to Aleksei Miranchuk "Loco" after such tricks football player and his agent was replaced by anger at the mercy against Alexei. When the transition takes place permanently, this is clearly not add Aleksei Miranchuk whist from both fans and experts.

The latter, by the way, in one voice declare that Aleksei Miranchuk is not necessary to leave the "Loco". Here are a few quotes. Dmitry Sennikov: "In place of Aleksei Miranchuk I would have stayed in the" Locomotive ", it there is match practice. Will he play another team - a big question, and go to another club to sit on the bench, meaning do not see. " Or Eugene Lovchev: "Well, come Alexei, still young, in general, people in the" Ruby ", where the tone is set by foreigners who did not know who Aleksei Miranchuk - is the guarantee that he will play at least as much as he now he is playing in "Loco"? So you can lose much more than winning. "

Agentschina. Why Aleksei Miranchuk waiting for a dip in the "Ruby" Photo: The official website of "Locomotive", SE

Is Alex cope with such pressure, if it is not nearly pulled him plantings media image of superstar Premier League? But it is now, in addition to the expressed above factors will put pressure and a solid contract. It's one thing to play in his native club with a salary of 50,000 euros per year (according to official information), and the other - in a totally strange "Ruby" with a madman for a player of his level and age of the salary of 2.5 million. In addition, if the "Loco", nevertheless, refuses to release Aleksei Miranchuk and Vadim spinel shepnёt the boy's ear, it's worth to try to terminate the contract, as protected period has expired, Alex is also a shlopotat suspension with an impressive fine.