Aleksei Miranchuk. This name has captivated a Russian information space even with last autumn. Alex still could not decide on the extension of the expiring very soon a contract with "Loco". Brought up and who brought it to the big football club a few times and went to meet the irrepressible unreasonable financial appetites of the player and his agent, but could not do so indefinitely. As a result, a more favorable financial terms "Ruby" offered more ( "Loco": salary - 1.8 million euros per year, 2 million lifting "Rubin": salary - 2.5 million, 3 million of lifting.), And the player's agent Vadim spinel was only too happy to accept the proposal. Now everything depends on Ilya Herkus - a request for the transfer of the national football hopes for 5 million euros have already lying on his office desk. Apparently, the red-green kid want for more, but whether it is worth the 5 million?

Agentschina. Why Aleksei Miranchuk waiting for a dip in the "Ruby" Photo: The official website of "Locomotive", SE 1486199354_miranchuk_1.jpg

If yes, then each scoring pass not only this season, but also for the entire 2016 is estimated at more than 2.5 million. As for the head of Alexei, one of his scoring punch in 365 days is worth 5 million euros. Among the players, "Loco" was quoted as expensive only goal of the fastest footballer in the world Ezekielya Henty. If yes, how much time should be spread over the productive actions Fernandes, who for one match interrupts annual rate of Alexei them?

If yes, then why bother to put into circulation the word "progress"? Aleksei Miranchuk is the fourth full season in the Premier League, and his statistics are stable in a state of stagnation, and some have regressed as, for example, the number of won combats (0.3 this season, against 0.7 in the past). While there, Alex, everything became a little more likely to hit the ball (1.7 compared to 1.4 the impact on average per game), but is it really so remarkable achievement gives the right to beat Alexey imagine such a furious salary?

Before tezisno describe why Aleksei Miranchuk in "Ruby" by 99% expect a complete failure, say that Dele Alli from "Tottenham" receives 1.6 million euros per year. Englishman as well as Aleksei Miranchuk plays APL position also is young - he was 20, and is also positioned as a future leader of the national team. However, the Cause for 33 games last season scored 10 goals, and for 22 of the past 11, single-handedly slammed unbeaten "Chelsea" Conte and earned the admiration of Ronaldinho. And Aleksei Miranchuk believes that the right to apply for a much larger salary for what often goes on the field only in order to increase the amount spent in the Premier League matches, since almost no benefit from it. Absurd? No, it's Russian football.

So why Aleksei Miranchuk better not to meddle in the "Ruby"?

1. In Kazan, he will not have the same greenhouse conditions as "Loco"

Agentschina. Why Aleksei Miranchuk waiting for a dip in the "Ruby" Photo: The official website of "Locomotive", SE

Last autumn Aleksei Miranchuk openly serving room, only occasionally recalling that he was on the field, monstrous edge, but Yuri Semin stubbornly put it in the composition. On native Alexei position fantazisty extravaganza revived Manu Fernandes, so that the steering "Loco" have to poke Aleksei Miranchuk and on the flank, and forward position, if only he was playing. Semin was trying to show in every way that counts on Alexei, and is ready to help to develop its decent potential. However, Aleksei Miranchuk decided to leave their hearth and home, contrary to the well-known saying goes, and try to prove that he is worth something, and without most favored him.