In general, winter transitions in major championships of the Old World have already received by tradition boring. However, one of the most interesting outcomes of MOT are the numbers that characterize the activity of the clubs Albion. Despite the fact that English clubs have invested in the purchase of new players on the order of magnitude more money than all the other representatives of the top 5 championships, submarines managed to finish dozayavochnuyu campaign "in the black". As a result, the transfer balance amounted to 40 million pounds -. This is a historical figure, since a positive balance at the end of the transfer window on the island previously had never been recorded. Moreover, for comparison, the winter of 2016 and the Premier League all gone "to minus" 100 million. Pounds.

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Spent / Earned: 215/255 million pounds.. Premier League - a stable market leader, both in winter and in the summer season. In January 207 representatives of this league have invested in the purchase of new recruits more than 200 million. Pounds. This is a very respectable number, but not a record: in winter 2011 the English were spending 225 million pounds..

The most expensive transfer:. Oscar for sale 60 million euros in China allowed "Chelsea" to be the most successful business project this winter. It is noteworthy that the London club second consecutive winter somehow manages to become the author of the most expensive sale. A year ago, "aristocrats" have sold Ramirez in "Jiangsu Guoxin-Sainty F.c." of 28 million. Euro.

The most active club on the market by the sum of costs: the strongest representatives of the coaching department have repeatedly stated that in the winter it is impossible to properly spend the money, but the head coach of "Crystal Palace" Sam Allardyce is still on the prevailing trends. "Eagles", balancing in the relegation zone in the Championship, forked by a total of almost 42 million. Euro. On the one hand, it is an adequate figure for the Premier League club, which is trying to maintain residence in the cohort of the strongest. On the other - it should be noted that the transactions taken separately raise some questions about their appropriateness. For example, the "Crystal Palace" transferred to the bank account of "Olympiacos" 16 million. Euros for midfielder Luka Milivojevic, whose real cost is unlikely to exceed the consideration paid and half. And all of this information must be taken together with the fact that Allardyce recently flaunted his ability to launder money transfers and get active profile association rules.

Transfers of January. England for the first time in history "in the black", "Chelsea" has earned more than anyone else, Allardyce - chief for "launder" denegFoto: club's official website,

The most active club on the market by number of signed players, "Hull City" - the penultimate championship team - was the most active in the transfer market and added as many as eight newcomers. In most cases the "tigers" have signed lease agreements before the end of the championship.

The most passive club on the market: 5 out of 6 teams that are fighting for the highest places in the standings, not acquired in January a single player. We are talking about the "Chelsea", "Arsenal", "Manchester United", "Liverpool" and "Tottenham". And the transition Gabriel Zhezusa in the "Manchester City" only formally be called January, after a deal was agreed in the summer.